Anonymous: I would say your best bet would be to come to Canada on a visitor permit and try to get a job off within the 180 days. Only problem i see occurring is you're gonna need a place to stay. I hope you have some Canadian friends because hotels for 180 days is a lot my friend.

That’s what I’m planning on doing. I don’t really know anyone that would do that xD. 180 days is a lot to ask someone (unless i find something way sooner). How ever I don’t mind sleeping outside and going to a shelter to just shower. I’ve slept outside, I’ve gone through worse times. After the 180 days if nothing comes from it I will be staying in the US and moving to a different state. Thanks again mate.

suicoooo: I am from Canada.

Hey justin!  I appreciate you taking the time off. I’m trying to figure out where the best possible place to move is (work wise) Canada. I did numerous google searches and all the data I’ve gathered is somewhat out dated. Do you recommend where you’re at?  A place where the jobs are somewhat plentiful would be awesome. If you know if anyone is looking for a worker and doesn’t mind sponsoring, depending what it is please let me know.

I know the logistics of trying to get in to Canada. My plan is to go there with just a visitor permit. This allows for 180 days. In that time I will be going from company to company trying to get a sponsorship for a job. I can’t get a work permit without a job offer already. My only other option is to marry a Canadian and get a permanent residency permit -.-   So if you know anyone that has done this in the past or any information at all please let me know. Again do you know any place with a lot of jobs. This is so out of my element. Thanks again.

edit: was supposed to be private my apologies. 


illusionallife: you're moving to canada?! what?! mike pls <3

Ashley baby!  Yeah I might, I liked it there last time i was there but it’s not set in stone just weighing my options. Let me come live with you ;)